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29W1W N/A WEDGE N/A RETAINER N/A Esco style fluted wedge, takes a 29SPS spool N/A 1.65 lb0.75 kg N/A 28.59 $25.73 Add To Cart
EMI004 N/A RUBBER BUSHING N/A RETAINER N/A Hensley style rubber bushing for a vertical shroud protector, takes an EMP003 pin N/A 0.2 lb0.09 kg N/A 12.16 $10.94 Add To Cart
P235W N/A WASHER N/A RETAINER N/A Hensley style retainer, takes a P235 pin; Use Item # 3G9549 N/A 0.10 lb0.05 kg N/A 2.86 $2.57 Add To Cart
VSR3-SL N/A RUBBER BUSHING N/A BUSHING N/A Hensley style vertical shroud/protector rubber bushing, takes a VSP3-SL pin N/A 0.5 lb0.23 kg N/A 9.3 $8.37 Add To Cart
1 - 4 of 4 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure